About the author

Dunja Wildt-Perinić was born in Germany to a German mother and a Croatian father. She grew up in southern Germany and spent all summers in Croatia. 1998 she came to the United States and lived in different places in New England including Manhattan, the Upper Valley in New Hampshire, and in the Boston area.

“I like to experiment with various materials.

Wool is one of my favorite natural materials. One can do so many different things with it. Just think of knitting, felting, crochet, filling, weaving, piling, throwing, tangling, hurling-burling, gallimaufring…

Okay, I am getting carried away… let`s talk about something else:


I like to work on the shape of a piece of metal. Recently I discovered lead free wire for shaping. One can make beautiful things out of it. I made a few and would like to show them to you.”

Please go to the jewelry post to see the newest jewelry!

“Most of all I like to enjoy life! Meet people, mingle with friends, play music, play Volleyball, go for walks and hikes in nature…..just like most of us!”



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